My approach to Fine Art is based on three principles of Natural Law:

One: Fine Art is a living thing

A work of Fine Art is alive. Like humans, animals, and plants, Fine Art possesses a soul. It is a living thing, with a purpose. And it is here to declare a message, from Nature. That message is what allows Fine Art to be as relevant today as the day it was created. It is part of a long ongoing conversation between Nature and mankind. Although a painting might be beautiful, without a soul it is spiritually dead, and hence irrelevant beyond being decorative. This first principle stems from the second.

Two: Fine Art comes from Nature

Nature is the source—the fountain-of-life—of all Fine Art. Nature gives the soul and life to a work of Fine Art. It does this through sensation. Nature is like a power source with transmitting capabilities, and what it transmits, and wishes to declare, is received and captured by specific persons, equipped to do so. These persons are declared in the third law.

Three: Fine Artists are the vessels Nature equipped from birth, to convey its message to humanity

You can think of a Fine Artist as the antenna that picks-up on, and conveys, Nature's message(s). One should not, or could not, choose to be a Fine-Artist, but is called by Nature to be one. A Fine Artist's job is to communicate and translate Nature’s desire into a language that mankind understands and perceives, through the senses we’re equipped with. 

These three principles embody the circle of artistic life that I believe and live in. I did not choose this—nor did I study at, or graduate from, an art school—but was directly equipped by Nature, for this task, and which I'm trying to fulfill faithfully.